Dinner Shows

Avila Terrace hosts the number one murder mystery dinner show in Riverside and Orange County, The Gourmet Detective, every Friday and Saturday night. The Gourmet Detective has been a professional in the food and murder business since 1990. Set in the age of Film Noir, the stylized and provocative comedy/drama follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of the underworld, a world where intrigue and mystery are made into an art. Once inside the stylish dining atmosphere, the characters greet you at the door, offer you a drink, and show you to your seat. From here on out the mystery is played out in scenes as you sit back and enjoy a visual feast of authentic costuming, sets and live period music. Between each scene of the mystery the same cast of characters serve you dinner… one course at a time. This is your chance to ask them questions, assume your own character and try and solve the mystery. November 3, 2009 marks the third season The Gourmet Detective has been performing at Avila Terrace.

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