Finger Foods

Minimum of 40 Guests

Choose any 4 Items:

  • Chips and Salsa
    Crispy Corn Tortilla Chips and Fresh Salsa
  • Cheese Quesadillas
    Melted Jack Cheese in a Crispy Flour Tortilla
  • Roasted Pepper Quesadillas
    Roasted Red Pepper and Jack Cheese in a Crispy Flour Tortilla
  • Beef Flautas
    Shredded Beef rolled in a Crispy Flour Tortilla
  • Chicken Taquitos
    Shredded Chicken rolled in a Crispy Corn Tortilla
  • Mini Tostadas
    Crunchy Corn Tostada Shell topped with Beans, Cheese, Tomatoes and House Lettuce
  • Albondigas
    Savory and Tender Meatballs in a Zesty Chipotle Sauce
  • Mini Chimichangas
    Spicy Shredded Beef, Beans, and Cheese wrapped in a Crispy Flour Tortilla
  • Stuffed Jalapenos
    Pickled Jalapenos filled with Albacore Tuna, Carrots, and Sweet Red Pepper
  • Spicy Alitas “Hot Wings”
    Crispy, Spicy Chicken Wings with Cool Ranch Dressing
  • Southwest Cups
    Black Beans, Jicama, Corn, Tomatoes and Cilantro in a Bite Sized Crispy Tortilla Shell
  • Tortilla Pinwheels
    Creamy cheese with roasted red peppers, pasilla, spread with delightful veggies

$19 Per Person

Full Bar Service is available
Our Family Tradition is to Bring the Best.